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Hey world..

So, my first greeting was “shalom“.. A word meaning “harmony“, not “peace“, as many actually thinks.. Shalom comes from “sh’lemah“, meaning “perfectness“.. Wishing someone “shalom“, means that you wish that his (or her) life may be in harmony, that he may be in perfect rest and be relieved of all worries, living in harmony..

Though the greeting has this, I guess, beautiful meaning, I always feel that it’s a bit, I dunno, cliche to use it.. Not that it’s wrong, but somehow this has been something that people just expect you to say, when they know that you’re a Jew..

Okay, I’m religious, so it isn’t that I don’t use it, but mostly in the full form, “Shalom Aleychem” (or more informal to my friends: Shalom aleycha achi!, and then we hug and stuff, it’s so great, we love each other, ya habibi!)..

In Israel I choose to use the more informal “ahalan“, being this wannabe Arab that I, apparently, tend to be sometimes..

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is: Hey everybody! I’m new, or my blog is.. This is actually my first English blog, already have a Danish one, but since only 5½ million people speak Danish, I thought I wanted to spreaden my “clientel” a little:o)..

A little about me: My name is Shmuel Aryeh.. I live in Denmark, where I study Hebrew studies, which is about everything related to Israel and Jewishness. Hebrew, Israeli politics, Jewish history and religion, Israeli history and culture, Jewish identities and so on.. Very interesting.. Especially if you’re interested in these things:o)..

I’m 31 years old (or young), planning on making Aliyah (moving to Israel), working on a project (I won’t tell so much about here), looking for my other half, and doing whatever a person in my situation, position and age are doing..

So, what is this blog about? Well, mostly about my thoughts.. And since my thoughts mostly are focused on my religion, being Jewish, politics, Israel and things related to this, this is what this blog will be about mostly.. So, for everybody who thinks that these things are interesting; welcome to, hope I’m going to come up with something good:o).. For the rest of you, well, I’m sorry, you’re welcome to join anyway:o)

Take care out there


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  1. R Harris says:

    Im a newbe in the study of my Hebraic roots, I like the fact that you shed light on the word I have /am useing my self wow! I would like to connec with you in he area of study if possible if you are no on acebook hen directy e-mail is fine Im currently reaing/studying frm Tanakh/ CJB
    hank you an hopefully hear from you soon

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