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Abraham, A”S


Here you can find all the posts I have written on Avraham Avinu, A”S, in chronological arrangement:

What is greater? – On Avraham Avinu, A”S, as an example for mutual understanding.

Josephus Flavius on Genesis 11:26-12:5 – An analysis of Josephus’ account on Avraham Avinu, A”S.

Ibrahim il-Hanif – Ibrahim, A”S, as a Hanif.

Ibrahim, A”S, and the Idolaters, the Quranic account – A comparative analysis of the Quranic accounts on Ibrahim, A”S, and the idolaters.

Abraham and his “sister,” Sarah! – A comparative analysis on the two Biblical accounts, where Avraham Avinu, A”S, relates to Sarah, A”S, as his sister.

Abraham as an Early Monotheist – My working paper for my written assignment on Avraham Avinu, A”S.

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