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I began my blogging in Danish on a Danish-languaged blog, for a Danish audience, but that is – more or less – over now. Not that I didn’t like it or I’m tired of the Danes, on the contrary, but living in a country where very few are speaking and understanding Danish, it simply doesn’t make much sense, especially not since most Danes does understand English, which would render the Danish more or less unnecessary. I’ve also changed my focus, not so much presenting introductory posts on Judaism and the Israeli society, as writing my in depth about some of the more advanced subjects in Judaism, and less on Israeli subjects and politics (except where it collide with the religion). This is the main reason that I’m changing language and blog (my Danish blog still exists and will be kept in existence, but not used very much).

Another reason is that there is a much larger audience in English, and that I need more feedback in form of critical replies and comments, which can help me expand my knowledge on the subjects I’m focused on and am studying, and all respect for Danes and their knowledge, they seriously are very educated people, but when it comes to religion in general, and more specific Islam and Judaism, which will be in my focus, they are left behind.


So what will I be focusing on here? Well, since I’m about to begin my MA in Religious studies (the studies of religions, not studying religious, that’s for the spare time, at least as it is now), and will be focusing on law in the three Abrahamic religions, then of course law and ethic in Judaism, Islam and Christianity will be in focus. It won’t solely be purely “scientific” (or what it is supposed to be called), but also from the “inside”. There will for example be presented thoughts on the weekly Parashah (the Torah Portion, we – being Jews – read weekly), as well as thoughts on Jewish ethics. So the blog will both be written by a Jew for Jews, as well as for non-Jews, but on two levels. And it is not only going to be a channel where I write you, but a channel where there will be, BE”H, a two-way communication. I won’t my knowledge challenged, not confirmed.


It will also be a blog, where I share what is going on with the three projects I’m working on, two of them with friends, these being “I AM U – International Association for Understanding in the Middle East” and “Bney Abraham”, as well as my private (at least for now) project called Judaic Awareness.

I will write a little more on these projects in coming blogs, BE”H.


Finally I have to add that this is still a blog about me and my thoughts, a Jewish Voice among – probably – thousands of other Jewish voices, so of course there will be posts having a more personal tone, where I share my thoughts on any given subject, but – at least as a general rule – it will most often be connected to my religion somehow.


I’m not going to promise that there will be a new post daily, not even expecting that there will be people hoping for that, but I have a feeling that this blog will be much more active than what has been.


Take care out there:o)


Kol Tuv

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  1. The Talmid Rebbe says:

    Hi there! I’m really glad I found you! You have incredibly interesting and insightful material here.

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