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25 facts about me

Okay, found this on my Facebook, and thought it might be good here:o).. So, here you are:

1. I’m a student.. I’m holding a BA in Hebrew Studies, and am studying MA in Religious Studies..

2. I hate to get up early in the morning, though I love when I do it (weird?)..

3. I’m married, believing that I finally found the one:o)

4. I love foot.. Not meaning that I love to eat huge amounts of food all the time, but I love food.. Especially Oriental, as Sh’warma, Falafel, Tabouleh, Hummus and so on..

5. I speak four languages, Danish, English, Spanish and Hebrew.. The two first fluently, the last two I certainly can get better at:o)..

6. I’m not going to get old in Denmark.. As soon as possible I’m going to move to Israel, B”H..

7. I hate wearing ties..

8. I DON’T! eat pork..

9. I’m crazy about the movie Hoodwinked, it’s so great:o)

10. I don’t smoke, but I like a beer now and then..

11. I read a lot.. A LOT! Love books..

12. I used to hate the winters in Denmark, being too cold, dark, depressing, and long.. Now I miss them.. What permanent summer can do to you..

13. I have two tatoos, a Lion’s head with the text “El Leon” underneath on my right shoulder, and the zodiac for Leo inside a sun on the back (not big)..

14. I don’t have room for all my books, but yet I long to get more..

15. One of the persons I respect most is a Palestinian.. Sorry to say it, but that’s the truth..

16. I want a dog some day.. A Schäfer.. No cats, they don’t like me..

17. I long to go to the cinema in Israel, you get two shows for one show’s price.. The one on the screen, and the one going on in the moviehall..

18. I work with bagels..

19. I was almost crying three times the first time I was in Israel, the first time when I arrived to Tel Aviv driving down Allenby – mostly out of frustration over being a place so far away and so alien to me (that lasted two days, then I felt more at home there than in Denmark).. The second time when I touched haKotel (the Western Wall) the first time (I was touched deeply).. And the last time only half an hour after the second time, when I found myself as the only Jewish person among a lot of Arabs in a little yard in the Muslim part of the Old City (because I was sure that I would die – never been so scared, seriously)..

20. I love salmon..

21. I love Sagol 59 (well, mostly his music, don’t know him personally)..

22. I have a dog, not a Schäfer though..

23. I’ve worked together with my mom.. On McDonald’s..

24. I’m a geek when it comes to languages..

25. I hate when people are better than me in things that I think I’m great at:oP


  1. Olive Twist says:

    I admire your work and your style, and I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Please accept it here:

    Peace & Grace,
    Olive Twist

  2. Mazel says:

    2, 8, 10, 16, 24, and 25
    yes we have some things in common 🙂

  3. Muhammad says:

    I read your facts, some of them match exactly with that of mine.

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