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Criticizing Israel and Anti-Semitism


This is an accusation I’ve often witnessed in discussion (or should we say “fights”) about Israel.. Okay, sometimes I’ve thought it myself about the person criticizing Israel, but often I’ve been confused about just what was Anti-Semitic in the persons criticism..

For example: A person has a hard time about the settlements in the West Bank, especially the attacks some settlers make on Arab civilians (it does happen, let’s not pretend it doesn’t).. Does this make him Anti-Semitic? Of course not, not the criticism in itself.. As long as he isn’t against the existence of Israel (even as a Jewish state), then he can’t be labeled as an Anti-Semite, not even an Anti-Zionist, not even if he doesn’t condemn Hamas, Fatah and whoever you can think about amongst the Palestinian groups.. He might not even be anti-settlement, but just anti the attacks that some settlers are making against Arab civilians..

Criticizing Israel for its policies against Gaza, isn’t Anti-Semitic in itself either.. Believing that Israel is still occupying Gaza and criticizing that, isn’t Anti-Semitic (though it might be ignorant)..

It isn’t Anti-Semitic before the moment, the person criticizing is making attacks on Israel and equate Israel with Jews, trying to conspirate about Jews and Israel.. Then we can talk about Anti-Semitism..

But how often does that happen? Right now people are going crazy about the Goldstone Report (myself included, don’t worry;o), but calling it “Anti-Semitic”? Please, we’re doing ourselves as Jews and Israel as an independent state a great disfavor, when we try to equal every kind of criticism of Israel to Anti-Semitism.. Maybe we should begin to differ between what is Anti-Semitism, what is Anti-Zionims and what is Anti-Israelism.. Satmar, as an example, isn’t Anti-Semitic, while they’re certainly are Anti-Zionist..

Let’s keep the discussions fair, okay? In a discussion where one thing means everything and everthing means nothing, we’re not going to come to a common understanding of anything..

Take care


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