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About me

My name is Shmuel Aryeh Koltov.. Living in Israel or – as some prefer to call it – Occupied Palestine.. Born and raised in Denmark, I moved to Israel in 2010, and – at least at present – don’t plan to move away again in the near future..

I’m supposedly religious, meaning that I do believe in HaShem (G-D) with perfect faith, I do believe that Torah is Truth, and I do believe in the coming of Moshiach (may it be in the near future IY”H).. But I’m not Haredi or even near, while not saying that I’m going to be, we should probably all be..

I finished my BA in Hebrew Studies from the University of Copenhagen in 2011, which covers all kind of Jewish and Israeli issues, such as history, litterature, language, religion and culture.. This is what fascinates me, and I hope that it, in time, can lead me to a work in Diplomacy or some other kind of cultural relations, BE”H.. Time will tell.. For now it seems like it has lead me to an MA in Religious Studies at Hebrew University, so let’s see what will be after that..

When it comes to politics, I guess I’m pretty moderate.. It surely depends on the issue we’re talking about.. I’m a great supporter of a welfare structure (which, yes, means higher taxes).. I’m pragmatic when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, accepting that we have to let the Palestinian have their own state, no matter how much it hurts me to accept that Jewish land will be in the hands of non-Jews, but it’s for the best for us, them, Israel and the future, and then we have to accept that HaShem still has something to say, when Moshiach comes, things will be good..

That said, then I have to admit that I’m not very pragmatic or moderate, when it comes to Jerusalem.. Jerusalem is the Jewish capital, it always has been, we longed for her even when the non-Jews were treating her like she was just another outskirt city without any value.. That doesn’t mean that I’m for Arabs getting evicted or thrown out, on the countrary, but Jerusalem is our capital, I wouldn’t accept another man’s claim for my wife (did I have one) either..

Besides that, what’s to tell? I have a fascination for languages, especially Hebrew and Arab.. I’m still not married (apparently a great crime in my age:o).. I’m a dog person, cats hate me.. I love food, but mostly shawarma, hummus, tabouleh, falafel and so on.. I prefer beer and whiskey to vodka and cocktails.. I can’t live without music.. I hate propaganda, no matter who’re promoting it.. Oh, yeah, and I hate when people pronounce ‘ayin like alef, LEARN TO PRONOUNCE IT!!

Yeah, well.. Take care:o)



  1. Myriam Kukenheim Kaltoft says:

    “I wouldn’t accept another man’s claim for my wife (did I have one) either..” (?) ;O)

  2. Olive Twist says:

    What is Haredi? I must admit I can’t pronounce most of your words, but I wish I could. Is there an online source to learn some of these?

    By the way, two of my favorite authors were both Danish, Hans Christian Andersen and Soren Kierkegaard. Andersen’s fairy tales kept me from drowning in sorrow as a child when my life was falling apart. Kierkegaard is the ultimate logician, highly influenced by Socrates and his philosophical methods. You strike me a very precise and philosophical fellow, which is a wonderful gift.

    Sorry if I am ranting too much. I’m enjoying this site.

    • qolyehudi says:

      Hi Olive

      First off, please continue to “rant” all that you want;o)

      Haredi is the Aramaic word for “one who trembles in front of HaShem”, and is most often being translated as “ultra-orthodox” by non-Israeli medias. There are several groups of Haredim (as it is said in plural), but it would simply be too much If I had to go through them all here, especially since there are different ways of differing between them. I will write a post about it later though. Let’s just for now say that when you hear the expression “Haredi” or “Ultra-Orthodox” being used by all being covered by these two expressions, then it’s most often only one of the smaller group within this group being talked about.

      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have an easy childhood, sometimes the world present its harsh realities before we should, but I’m glad to hear that a Danish writer could help you. I love him too, he had a very childish understanding of the world, not mean negative, which could explain things on both a higher and a lower level at the same time. I still read some of his stories now and then;o).

      And if you like Kierkegaard, then you should read some of the Muslim and Jewish Medieval philosophers. I think you would like them, if you like rational and logical approaches. They build a lot on Socrates, and I can especially recommend Maimonides and Ibn Rushd.

      Take care

  3. Olive Twist says:

    How do you pronounce Shmuel? Is it one syllable, pronounced as it appears phonetically, or not? What is this word “qolyehudi”? I feel like a little child learning new things, and I appreciate your patience.

    • qolyehudi says:

      Hi Olive

      Sjmuel, more or less. Qol Yehudi means “A Jewish Voice”;o).

      And no problem, I love to write;o). But I have to get back to the other questions tomorrow, too much to do today. Hope you can forgive me:o)

  4. Olive Twist says:

    No reason to apologize- I don’t wish to impose in any way.

  5. josh says:

    But the Palestinians want east Jerusalem as their capital, so what will you say to them? NO? So if you say NO, do you expect them to roll over like a dog and say OK. That is what your people did for 2000 years, roll over and accept their fate. If you say NO to them now, the cycle of violence will bring them back 2000 years from now. So better say YES and be done with it. Otherwise they have every right to fight for it.

    • qolyehudi says:

      Hi Josh

      And welcome:o)

      Sorry that I didn’t respond earlier, I have been rather caught up in things.

      I don’t know what to answer you, it seems like you already answered for me, though I would have given a different answer.

      All the best

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