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A little update



It’s been some time – again – and for that I am terribly sorry, but my program does not allow me much time, unfortunately.

Things have happened since last time, and I am now doing two programs, meaning that I am ending up with two MAs when done. The reason why is a little confusing, but nevertheless this is where I’m at now. So beside the Religious Studies program in Hebrew University, I am also doing an MA in modern Middle Eastern studies at the University of Copenhagen, with focus on Israel.

So what does that mean? Well, besides the obvious, less time and more stress, it also means that I can unite two approaches I really wanted to unite, namely the study of religion and how religion exists in and with its surrounding secular environments. When I write secular environments I basically mean the surrounding society which is concerned with mundane matters, matters that might be conducted by otherwise religious people, but still doesn’t belong to the realm of the sacred.

More about that later.

This semester offers course in contemporary trends in the study of religion (at HU), the history of modern ME studies (at UC), issues in the study of Second Temple period Judaism (at HU), politics and religion (at HU), and religion in the ME, where I will be focusing on the implementation of Shari’a in Israel (at UC). Particularly the last is something I really find interesting.


But all that simply fades compared to the most amazing thing, I’m going to be a dad:o). My wonderful wife is supposed to give birth in a little more than a month, so I’m very excited. It is simply an amazing experience to have contact with the little guy, even before he’s born. To feel that he’s part of our lives, even without being around us. Coming home and saying “hi” to him, and feel his reactions is one of the greatest things I ever experienced, and even though I was scared in the beginning I simply can’t wait to see him now.


Anyway, just felt it time to give an update. Take care out there!

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