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Ain’t that an enlightened fellow?



I love the debates about homosexuals, I simply do. They bring out the best in everyone, presenting us with real enlightened thinking, such as this guys:


Okay, rewind. I don’t get it, I simply don’t. Yesterday I was presented this picture:

This, my dear friends, is a picture of three guys beating up a gay. Why? Because he is gay. This is taken in Ukraine, where the gay community planned to conduct a Gay Pride Parade, but because of security concerns it was cancelled. Seeing this I understand it, though I disagree strongly.

Okay, I do follow the arguments stating that if homosexuals want to be concerned as equal to everybody else, not being something weird, then why do they need to establish a Gay Pride parade? That is certainly a legal question, but this reaction as seen in the picture is not. In no way. And the idea of putting homosexuals into two fenced areas like cattle, while waiting for them to die, is not only totally ridiculous, it is also an offensive and hateful thought, reminding too much of horrors done not that long ago.

This is what I don’t get. Fine, you’re straight, only attracted to the opposite sex, me too, and you might find the thought of being with someone of your own sex somewhat, well, not repulsive but not attractive either (let’s use nice words), but nobody is forcing you. All the homosexual are asking for is the same rights as anybody else.

If one doesn’t agree with other people’s lifestyle, then don’t life like them. If you don’t like port, then don’t eat pork. If you don’t like beer, then don’t drink beer. And if you don’t like to be forced to live in a certain way, then don’t force others to it either, simply just allow other people to live as they see fit. It really isn’t that hard. Having to deal with hatred like that witnessed by the video and picture here, that is hard, it is hurtful, and it is deeply insulting.


  1. ciwcd says:

    All I can say is “Thank you!”

    • qolyehudi says:

      No need to thank me, if I don’t stand up for other people’s rights, who will stand up for mine?

      Besides, hatred is a sickness that involves us all.

  2. CB says:

    Agreed! Regardless of how you feel on the issue or who you chose to fall in love with, it cannot be denied that it is contradictory to want equal rights for some and not others.

    • qolyehudi says:

      I fully understand that various religious communities want to adhere to their set of religious principles, as long as it is within the law of the state.

      But I can’t understand why you want to force your faith on others, that won’t make them better people anyway, nor will it make them very receptive to what you have to say.

      And as you say, considering that most religions hold the principle of not doing unto others, what is hateful to you (or do unto others what you want them to do to you), then this just doesn’t give sense.

      Especially the idea, which seems to be predominant, that homosexuality is something you choose or can be “switched off,” tells me that these people basically are more driven by ignorance than anything else. Unfortunately.

      • CB says:

        I’m a Christian and I TOTALLY missed the part of the Bible and Jesus’ teachings that justifies that type of behavior or mindset. Furthermore, calling for hate, murder, and disrespect doesn’t seem to be a very effective way to bring people into the faith, since that is his basic job as a pastor. It makes me SO angry when people use religion to justify bad behavior.

  3. Hatred may be part of some people’s religion, but it isn’t part of mine. I agree with your sentiments.

  4. I had seen the video but the picture was horrible, too. It’s hard to believe someone stood by and took pictures while a vicious attack was happening. Seeing things like that really reminds you that, in the world we live in, being gay can’t possibly be a “choice”. No one sane would choose that. Thank you for posting this and showing that what they’re going through in the US isn’t unique, there’s work to be done on behalf of gay people around the world.

  5. Elon says:

    Such a pleasant man. I couldn’t help but notice his congregants boundless enthusiasm for him, particularly among the crickets in the audience.

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