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I have long time been a fan of Shahram Nazeri, the great Kurdish-Iranian singer, by some called the Pavarotti of Iran, a comparison which is meant positive, but which I find flawed. Nazeri has a different style and should not be compared to other singer, how great they might be, who perform with a totally different style of singing.

But, as I wrote, Nazeri is indeed a great singer, having the ability to pierce through into hearts with his melancholic voice, as he depicts the poets of Rumi. And that he does as no one else can.

See his version of Andak Andak, where he sings about the love-drunk returning from the flowerfield, after having worshiped wine, now coming gentle returning from the world of being and non-being, the non-being leaving and only the being staying.

What we are dealing with is the Sama, the sufi-dhikr, where the Divine and the created is becoming one through the devotion to God, done through song and dancing, as we see the Dervishes still doing it today. The love-drunk have drank from the wine of the Wine-Maker, worshiped Him through the wine, and are now spiritually lifted and aroused by the love for the Divine non-Being.

Or is it actually the other way around? Are we following the group of worshipers coming to worship, slowly, gently coming, being like flowers, prepared to be seen? Are we following them as they are getting ready to leave this non-existent world, and only exist what what Is, at least for a short time? The love-drunk drinking the wine and being one with the Being. Alas, such a moment only last all to short a time, and suddenly the water bearer sober us, and we are again among the poor:

The wine is from that world, the vessels from this;
The vessels are seen, but the wine is hidden!
Hidden indeed from the sight of the carnal,
But open and manifest to the spiritual!
O God, our eyes are blinded!
O pardon us, our sins are a heavy burden! (Masnavi, Book VI)


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