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Being True to Yourself


Some time ago we had Matisyahu shaving of his beard, sending shock-waves through the Jewish world, mostly the religious part of it. And this even though his sole statements was that had left Hassidic Judaism, not Judaism itself. No Hassidic superstar, as he stated, all he had to leave people was “all you get is me…no alias.”

Sure, coming from a secular background, becoming super-religious, changing from Chabad to another Hassidic group, the Karliner, and then suddenly declare himself non-Hassidic, might make people think that this young lad doesn’t quite know what he wants in life. Might be, but from my perspective he is being honest to himself, not denying himself in this process of finding out who he is.

Today another person came out, though it probably won’t make the same waves, though it certainly is a bigger “coming out,” not being as known as Matisyahu. Y-Love, or Yitz Jordan, is ready for love, that is the title on the article, where he tells of himself being homosexual. It is for sure that people will feel provoked by this, but whether Jewish religious law forbids the sexual act between two men (not being homosexual, important differences), then I choose to admire this fellow Jew, who have the courage to be true to himself.


One of the most important things in life is to be true to yourself, whether people like it or not. Having to suppress who you really are, just to satisfy others is not the way. We all have things that we are struggling with, things we fear others to find out, but few takes or has to take such a hard and brave decision in order to stay true to themselves, as Matisyahu and Y-Love have had to. And everybody feeling that he or she has to condemn them for that, should take a real long look in the mirror and ask themselves, whether there isn’t a couple of flaws they should struggle with themselves, before they feel the need to tell others how to live their lives.

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