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Thank You!


Finally the Pessah is over, as well as the immediate Shabbat following. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both, but in the end you just want to return to normal, especially after two days not having any connection to the world around you.

But on turning the computer on and checking what has been going on in the meantime, will often expose you to a huge amount of mails, messages, notifications, and what have you. Most of it is spam, unfortunately, but there are also interesting things among it, which you will have to take some days to get through. Especially in relation to my blog here. When I turned on my com today, I found nothing less than twenty new interesting posts by other bloggers, which I’m really looking forward to reading. The thing is, half of the excitement blogging, is to read other bloggers, and I have discovered some really good authors among them, not of all them having been given due credit yet. Some of them are among my readers, which I take as a huge compliment. That people I think are good writers take time to read what I write is definitely positive.

But the other half of the excitement is – of course – to write myself. I do love to write, especially about things which interest me, which probably is evident from this blog. But sometimes I wonder whether people really find interest in what I write about, of course, every writer is a critic of him or herself, no wonder there. I don’t know if I would continue writing, if I didn’t get positive feedback. Or feedback at all. But I do. Most often I can see that there have been people visiting my blog, but whether they liked it is not always obvious. It is more obvious when they choose to follow my blog, which really is a positive feedback in my eyes, or when they like the post. That is much appreciated from me, thank you:o). But this week I have twice experienced to have my posts reblogged, and that’s really something I appreciate deeply. That might be the highest level of positive feedback I can get, that people actually want to share something I’ve written with their own readers.

So, it being late and I’m to tired to begin to write something deep or very “learned” (feel the irony, I’m simply too tired after two hectic days with kids around me), I will take this opportunity to say thank you all. My readers, all the bloggers on WordPress, you guys who have commented on my posts, those of you who ‘like’ my posts, those of you who follow me (that seriously mean a lot), and especially those two of you who found my writings interestingly enough to reblog my posts. Let’s keep up the good work:o)


  1. Michael Kay says:

    Hi, hope you had a great Pesach! We’ve just been finishing clearing everything away over here. I’ve seen that you’ve been posting some very interesting stuff over the past couple of weeks, but unfortunately I’ve been too busy over chag to read it all. Will be trying to catch up with most of it soon. I’m especially intrigued by your distinction between identity as a religious Jew and as a Zionist. I feel similarly to you that there’s just so much stuff I want to read but unfortunately so little time to read it. However, I do reckon I would still be writing if I wasn’t receiving feedback; I do what I do on my blog partly to make myself develop a whole load of thoughts that pile up in my head and need expanding and polishing. If someone likes them, that’s great, but I’m just glad to have got them out there. 🙂 Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on my two most recent articles actually, if you have the time. I feel you would have a very valuable perspective on them. Anyway, shavua tov, enjoy your bread! 🙂

  2. qolyehudi says:

    Hi Michael:o)

    Just realized now that I never answered you:oS, sorry. We have so many things happening all the time with the Yom HaShoah, Yom Zikaron and so on, as well as the studies.

    We had a great Pessah. After coming here I only have to get through seven days (sounds terrible), so it doesn’t end with a challenge the last day. Maybe it’s also the fact that things are easier, when the whole society is minded for the Hag. Hagim baHu”L just seem to be a challenge sometimes:o)

    And thanks for the words:o). I will take some time reading through your posts, as I always do. I actually had you in my thoughts for something I was thinking about, but I will contact you when I have it down on paper, if it is okay for you.

    All the best

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