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It’s spring here, which means it’s terrible warm again. The air has returned to dray, and people not to bring water with them, wherever they go. It’s okay though, we’ve had a wonderful and rainy winter, so I guess we can’t complain. That also means that everything is still very green at a time when the nature normally has returned to brown and burned.

I’m working on a study on the Talmud, which I’m planning to make you guys participate in. I hope to be ready with the first part by tonight or tomorrow, no matter how bad I think the recordings of myself are. Anyway, I decided to go down to the wady next door (valley), to record a little in the nature instead of sitting at home, having a white wall as my background. On the way down I witnessed an amazing view, which I took a couple of pictures of, and I thought I wanted to share it with you guys.

I live in Ma’aleh Adumim, just east to Jerusalem, on the border between desert and hill-forest, in the Judean mountains. If you continue past Ma’aleh Adumim you will eventually reach the Jordan Valley. 

What you see is the view over the wady, having the neighborhood of ‘Efes-Sheva’ (07) to the right, and Nofei Prat in the background on the hill top a little further out. We are turned north, towards Shom’ron/northern West Bank.

Anyway, enjoy the view.

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