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Pessah Sameah!


I’m sorry that this is going to be a little short. The thing is, Pessah is starting today, this evening, and we have been cleaning like crazy the last couple of days, and today the last couple of things had to be done, so now everybody’s a little exhausted myself included. I’m not even turning my computer on, which is rare for me.

So why this crazy cleaning? Well, according to the Torah we are not allowed to eat leavened bread for the next week, as a reminder of our exodus from Egypt some 3000 years ago. Yeah, I know it’s a long time ago, but we’re commanded to remember what God did for us, so that we’ll do, even if it means. Cleaning and no bread for a week.
Actually it’s not only the bread. We’re not allowed to have any ‘hametz’ which means all kinds of products which needs time just standing on its own, in order to become what it’s meant to be, for example beer and other equal products.

Anyway, it is a wonderful Hag, and there’s a lot to tell about. And since it’s only the first and last day that we have ‘close down’ I will spend some time next week to tell a little more about this very important time for us.

And since the Christian also are. Celebrating one of their days I will take the opportunity to wish them a good time too.

So for the Christian readers a happy Easter, and for all my Jewish brethren out there a Hag Kasher v’Sameah!

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