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Away Away


I’ve always loved to write, though I was more into the philosophical and even poetical writing when I was younger. Sitting and looking through my old notes, I suddenly stumbled on one of my old poems, and thought that I wanted to share it with you out there. I don’t know if it’s good or of any quality, but I liked it, still do, though it is from a different time in my life.

I’m not going to write about what it means, what I felt when I wrote it, what was special or what influenced it, I will let it be up to the reader to decider for him/herself what he/she gets out of it. But I do hope that you will share your interpretation of it, when you have read it so far that you like it.

Here you are, Away Away:

As night time came, I stood looking at the stars, longing to be with them, far away..
Feeling somewhat deprived of home, being lost, away away..
One of the star called for me, blinking at me, reached for me..
“Why don’t you come, you don’t have to feel lost, so far away!”
“Take my hand, follow me”, she said with a smile, blinking at me..
Always blinking.. I reached for her, but she went, away away..

I crossed the bridge of demons, heard chuckles, voices whispering, close, so close..
“What’s with you?” He asked, coming crawling from underneath the bridge..
“Don’t you like being here, are we that strange to you?” he said with a grin, close close..
“Come with me, you don’t have to feel alone!” His arm reaching for me, way too close..
“Take my hand, follow me”, he demanded with a smirk, grinning at me..
Always smirking, he reached for me, but I went, away away..

I stood at the river, looking at the fairies playing in the water, so joyous, so joyous..
“Why so chump grump?” they asked, dancing around on the water..
“Life is joy, are you sure that you live, all alone?” Their smiles shining at me, close..
“There’s a place for you, join us and we will show you where!” Their hands reaching to me..
“Take our hand, follow us”, they asked with laughter, smiling at me..
Always laughing, I fell to the water, and we went, away away..


  1. Amani says:

    oooo I love fairies! I have been a collector for years! Loved this poem. Well done!

    • qolyehudi says:

      I’m glad that you liked it:o)

      I’m always a little nervous revealing that kind of writing, my poets are often very personal, but I felt that I have moved enough away from the person I was back then, that I could share it.

      • Amani says:

        I just submitted a blog with a few of my poems. I’ve been writing since I was little. I also posted my poetry page in the post if you wanna check out the post. Let me know what you think 🙂 Amani

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