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Yes, they really do exist!



A man I dare to call brother, mr. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, runs a blog by the same name. He – as far as I could understand – has a video show with the honored Dr Talib Hussain Warsi, called Faith Forum, where they discuss different topics. One show in particular caught my interest and kept me up, while I should have been sleeping, and I really want to recommend it to you out there.

The two of them discuss the situation of today, of why Muslims listen to hate preachers and why it is so wrong. They give very strong arguments against the encouragement to hatred, and I can only applaud them in their effort.

This is also for those, who always feel the need to point out how, well, hateful and dangerous Muslims are, and that they are not to be trusted. Especially those of you, who claim that there are no peaceful Muslim voices, no moderates among them, who speak up against the extremist. Well, there is, and here is just one example. Please visit the blog and take some time both watching Mr. Armstrong’s videos as well as reading his posts.


All the best

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