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Let’s try something new?


I was thinking (great success). My wife has been wanting to learn Danish for some time, but we never find the right time for it, since both of us are rather busy. I thought of how to change that or at least give her something, so she get’s some Danish taught. One of the ideas I was thinking about, was to make video records for her, which she could watch on her phone or the like, but then I thought to myself, why not share it with you guys as well?

I know, it’s a little unrelated to the general subjects here on the blog, but still. I thought of adding some history of the Danish language, dialects and other things to it. Probably also share some general Danish history, which actually is rather interesting, at least for the historian. And should you find it boring, then blame my skills in presenting it for you.


It will – obvious – be presented by video, but I probably also will add text to it, in order to explain the spelling and recommended material for those of you who, because of my great skills in presenting Danish for you, will want to learn more.

So, let me know, what do you think?


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