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The Internet: The Tool of the Devil (?)



Believe it or not, but I often hear that the internet is only for the bad, that it’s from the devil, that it doesn’t create any good things, both from Christians, Muslims and Jews alike.

I’m not of that believe, I believe – surprisingly, I know – that the internet is the tool of humans, something created by and for humans. How we use it define us as sentient beings, either for something good, something constructive, for waste, for bad purpose or something else.

I mainly see the good in the internet. Yes, many hateful people out there use the internet to spread their hatred, sadly. But the internet can also establish connections, which would never have been established otherwise. The internet is the tool of communication and networking, and without it I don’t believe we quite would be where we are. Many thing has happened during the last twenty years, some of it because of the internet.

This Israeli commercial shows how I view the internet, how I prefer to use the internet, establishing connection that I otherwise would never have established. For me the internet is of the good:

The Hebrew text in the end states:

In actual life this is not yet possible

But on the internet relations like this is created every day


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