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Hezi and Fadi


First off, sorry that I haven’t given any sound from me for a week now, but I have been laying sick with the rest of the family. It seems like we all are getting well again though, B”H.


Anyway, as part of my series on Jewish-Arab coexistence here, I want to direct your attention at a documentary made by al-Jazeera (I think), about two volunteering paramedics, Hezi and Fadi, who both live in Jerusalem.

I don’t want to say so much about the movie itself, that goes for itself, but they both state something which I believe is a key to a solution on what is going on here, namely that you have to see the “other” as yourself, that it doesn’t matter whether he be Arab or Jew, in order to accept each other’s existence, and if we really do want to create the circumstances needed for peace, then this is the basis.

Coexistence and peace is possible, the only thing we need is to want it and accept it.


Jerusalem SOS

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