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Katie and Nick


The following picture (or pictures) is being shared on Facebook these days. I don’t know how long they have been passed around, but I first saw them today, and fell in love with them right away. The pictures are amazing, telling a beautiful but also sad story (the actual story will be presented after the picture). I don’t know who first posted them, whether it is with acceptance from the people on the pictures, but I hope it is.

When I look at them I see hopes and dreams being lost and coming true. It is getting the one you love, and then having to let the love go. It is joy and sadness. It is – as far as how I see life – life itself, but portrayed in such an amazing and beautiful way, that I simply had to share it with you.

“Her name is Katie Kirkpatrick, 21 yrs old. Next to her is her fiancé, Nick, 23. (Pic1)

This picture was taken prior to their wedding January 11th, 2005.
Katie has terminal cancer and spends hours in chemotherapy.
Here Nick awaits while she finishes one of the sessions…(Pic2)

Even in pain and dealing with her organs shutting down, with the help of morphine,
Katie took care of every single part of the wedding planning.
Her dress had to be adjusted several times due to Katie ‘s constant weight loss. (Pic3)

An expected guest was her oxygen tank. Katie had to use it during the ceremony and reception.
The other couple in this picture is Nick’s parents, very emotional with the wedding and to see their
son marrying the girl he fell in love when he was an adolescent. (Pic4)

Katie , in a wheel chair listening to her husband and friends singing to her. (Pic5)

In the middle of the party, Katie had to rest for a bit and catch her breath.
The pain does not allow her to stand for long period of time. (Pic6)

Katie died 5 days after her wedding. To see a fragile woman dress as bride with a beautiful smile
makes you think… happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts…..
lets enjoy life and don’t live a complicated life. Life is too short.
Work as if it was your first day.
Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries…
Laugh without control
and never stop smiling.
Please pray for those suffering from cancer.
We all have close to our heart.
Keep this going.

Prayers are always answered.

Life is too short to argue and desperate.”


  1. Olive Twist says:

    When I saw these powerful photos, I couldn’t help but think of Corrie ten Boom and the descriptions of her sister wasting away in the Nazi camp. She writes of the day she was hauled away along with her father and sister. Her father had a saying: “The best is yet to come.” So as he was being separated from his daughters and carted away, he said it one last time. He died several days later.

    I often think about those brave words when life doesn’t make any sense- the best is yet to come.

  2. qolyehudi says:

    Hi Olive:o)

    I believe so too.

    Though not exactly the same, then somehow connected, I remember something I was told once: Life is a journey from one place to another. Getting there is not the point, it’s how you get there that matters. Staying positive and optimistic, is some of the most important things in life. We never know what life will bring us, but we should know how to deal with it.

    All the best:o)

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