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Sorry I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I’ve been a little busy.

We had our final class last week, Hebrew exam Friday (hope I passed, but let’s see) and then Shabbat. Yesterday I took off with my wife, having a relaxed day in Jerusalem.


Anyway, I’m not about to write a report on my activities the last couple of days, don’t worry, more just allowing myself to let my thoughts go.

I have a question for you out there. For a long time I’ve had a profile on Youtube, and often thought about recording something for it. Today I made a recording, which I’m editing now, where I speculated a little on what to focus on in my Videoblog, but I thought that would ask you guys (and girls) as well. I thought that I wanted to focus more on actual incidents and share my opinions on them, allowing some discussion and debate, and then focus more on studies here, which are going to be very text-based anyway, but what do you think?


Let me hear your thoughts.

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