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Examination time!


Examination time is nearing with VERY fast steps, and I’m getting a little stressed, honestly. Normally I love the exams, but there is a clear difference between having to write exams in two-three courses with time dedicated for exams, and now five courses, while still having to follow the normal studies and work. Anyway, I take it as a challenge.

So far I have found the subjects in two of the course, the course on Islamic entertainment, history and religion, and the course on early Islamic texts and the formation of the Muslim community.

In the first I will be focusing on Abraham and Ishmael, trying to show how Jewish material, Biblical and Midrashic respectively, is going again in Islamic material. Let me be clear, it is not an attempt to show that “Islam is basically just a rip-off from Judaism”, but instead to focus on accounts being popular and widespread in the Arab world, figuring out how much Jewish material is going again in the Qur’an and later Islamic materials respectively, and seeing how much can be said to be “purely” Islamic.

In the other course I will be focusing on “Hagarism”, the theories of Patricia Crone and Michael Cook, in order to be able to explain one of the modern approaches to the formation of the first Muslim community/ties. It won’t be my final exam in this course though, which will be in the summer, where I will be writing a seminar paper on the woman’s status in education according to al-Shafi’i, maybe compared to Hanbali, I haven’t figured that one out completely yet.

So the next couple of weeks or so will be in the light of Islamic studies, it seems like. Not totally, since I also have a course in early Christianity and Classical Jewish texts respectively, so there will also be some Christianity and Judaism. So now you’re warned. I sincerely hope that you will participate in my studies, at least those I share, and discuss some of the issues and things I will put up here.

Take care.

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