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Bney Abraham



I’ve mentioned some of my projects elsewhere, and now I feel that I want to introduce and welcome you to one of them.

As the title reveals, this is about the Bney Abraham, which is a combination of Hebrew and Arabic, meaning “Sons of Abraham.” That it was Abraham was more because of the combined way of writing the name of Avraham Avinu, A”S, in Hebrew and Arabic, namely Avraham and Ibrahim, which – interestingly enough – lead to the English version of his name.

Why Bney Abraham?

Well, we were some Jews and Muslims, who were tired of the ignorant attitude and hateful approach that many of our co-believers have to each other. By using a quote by Harold Kasimow:

“My thesis, therefore, is: no world peace without peace among religions, no peace among religions without dialogue between the religions, and no dialogue between the religions without accurate knowledge of one another.”


Is it possible that by getting a deeper understanding and knowledge of each other, we can get closer to a more peaceful realization of our relationship? I believe so.

Too often it is the lack of knowledge and mutual understanding which creates mutual enmity, that being overcome by the closer relation and knowledge to each other. That can only be done by talking with each other, not in an atmosphere of hostility, but of mutual respect, in realizing the worth of the other, all of us being created in the image of G-D.

To quote part of the welcoming statement:

Too many Jews and Muslims are busy looking for flaws in the other, instead of taking their commitments as G-D-fearing believers serious, and work on their own flaws. We have established this group in order to promote the awareness of the improving of the self, and how our religions are demanding just that, instead of – as it unfortunately is today – searching for reasons to disapprove of “the other”. Whether it is the concept of struggling against the “Yetzer haRa” (the evil inclination) or the Jihad (which is also struggling against the lower part of the self), it is our goal to create a larger ethical awareness, both among Muslims and Jews.


If you are a Jew or a Muslim, who are tired of the lack of respect and knowledge between us, then I invite you to join our group. Hope to see you there, insh’allah!


Kol Tuv

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