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Qadaffi and the Primal Instinct of Man



Everybody is probably aware that Muammar Qadaffi is dead. The pictures and video clips of him, leaves no doubt about that though I am sure that there will be conspiracies about him too.

His death has caused much celebration around in the world, being seen as one of the most brutal dictator (though I have a feeling that many we don’t know about are as brutal as him, and even more). That the Libyans celebrate now is no cause for surprise. Had I lived under his rule, I would probably have been celebrating too.

But one thing is to celebrate, another is to find pleasure in his death and present the most humiliating pictures and video clips of him, being dragged down the street, bloody and scarred. I know that Qadaffi – in the eyes of many – was a monster, treating his citizens as his personal property, and supported terror against western targets. But he was also a son and a father, and – maybe most important – a human being, a creation and an expression of G-D.

For me, as a religious Jew, I find no pleasure in his death or the way he has been treated after he was killed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m relieved that the world has one brutal dictator less (though I worry what will come after him, but that’s another discussion), but seeing one of G-D’s children like this, both becoming what he became, but also treated like an object, something not worth treating with just the least respect, that hurts me. I know that he didn’t care about anybody, except his closest family and friends, but even if that is so, does one person’s wrong actions allow us to act wrong as well? Or should we rise above our primal instincts, and realize our full potential as human reflecting beings?

Okay, let us understand the Libyans, they wanted revenge. Sad as it is that people give into the need for revenge, it is understandable. But what about around the world? I have, unfortunately, seen so many places, media, people, who shared the pictures and video clips of him, almost finding joy in them. Fine, you want to be happy that he is dead, but sharing these pictures of him?

And it is not only in case of Qadaffi, there are many examples, take for example the picture of a 14 year old girl having sex with some boys. Tragically? Indeed, but even more tragically that some person felt the need to record it, and spread it all over the net, so everybody could be very indignant that a 14-year old girl would do such a thing, but not caring a bit about the girl herself, her situation, what a video clip of a 14-year old girl having sex with various boys can do to her, or the person filming. Where is the respect for the human being? It is what is being presented in tv-shows as Jersey Shore, Paradise Hotel, and other shows the like, where we can be shocked by the actions of immature people, but refusing to accept that we are drawn to see it anyway.

Qadaffi’s death is just another example of how we let us indulge into our lowest instincts, and forget how we would wish to be treated and viewed. It is my hope that people will be more aware of the “other” and see one’s own reflection in him.


All the best

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