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A Day in the Holy City


I spend the first half of the day today in Jerusalem.. I had to transfer some money to my bank account, and thought that since I was in there, I might as well spend some time there, so I did..

Basically I chose to find some new books, and my choice fell on two books of the Ketari Mishnah, or that is to say, the four first tractates of Seder Nezeqin from the Mishnah, with the Kehati commentaries.. Anyway, that is details.. Afterwards I went to a Yemenite kosher restaurant and had a wonderful meal.. The bread there is amazing, the food even more, and the prices? What prices? You’re basically only paying tips.. I got a mixed plate with stuffed vegetables, and I enjoyed it..

After that I went to the park next door and decided, that now I was in the holy city, why not spend the time a little on some holy studies.. So I did, Torah in ‘Ir HaQodesh.. I enjoyed the Mishnah studies, about how and when to put fences in a shared court yard..

Suddenly a lot of noise appeared.. A group of Arab students had found a spot near me to rest a little.. They didn’t cause problems or anything, they were just kids, enjoying a day in the park, as all other kids would do..


All this made me reflect.. As most of you know, I’m from Denmark, and to experience what I just experienced that day, is – well – impossible.. In Denmark the official numbers are estimating between 5,000 and 7,000 Jews.. The real number is probably much lower, even lower than 2,000.. And being a visible Jew there is impossible, unless you don’t mind all the bad reactions, that you will get, should you walk around being visible Jewish.. There are no kosher restaurants, even less any Yemenite.. There are no bookshops where you can by Jewish religious books.. And no park where you can feel, that this is the place to study religious Jewish studies..


It’s not a new feeling or discovery for me, I’ve been here in Israel almost a year now, but it still strikes me sometimes.. I’m here, being part of the majority, nobody notice me, not even a school class of Arab students, hanging out just next to me.. I just am.. And I just am, at a place where I can realize myself fully, being near the place that I understand as the most holy place in the world.. For me, this is finding the true me at the place, where I deeply feel that I belong..


Have you experienced the same?


Kol Tuv


  1. Mohammed-jawad says:

    Well i haven’t experienced somthing like your experience yet…i never walk outside for reading anything….nevermind

    At the other side you are a lucky dude, I guess that you never have such a skizo weather in Israel/palestine…..today it was 25 degrees but when the sun went down it started raining…:-P

  2. qolyehudi says:


    You should try it;o).. Just remember the raincoat:oP

    Sometimes I really miss that weather.. Having nothing but sun and 30+ for half a year, can be boring in the end.. But we do have win in the night though.. Enough win to break our windows, when we forget to close them:o)

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