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“Happy Naqba-day!”

Today is Naqba-day.. Some people hope that the third intifada begins today.. They say things like “as long as it is peaceful”, but refuse to understand that intifada is not peaceful, intifada is rebellion, and rebellions are never peaceful.. Most of these people sit in quiet and security far away, so they don’t have to worry.. These people don’t want to have us, who live here in the middle of all the problems, to settle peacefully with each other, then they can’t sit in security and feel as better humans, without having to do what really matters, namely meet the people you disagree with the most and learn to live with them..

About the title.. You can basically not wish anybody “happy” Naqba-day.. For the Palestinians Arab the day symbolizes catastrophe, for the Israeli Jews it symbolizes provocation.. Nevertheless, in a democracy anybody should be allowed to express themselves freely, as long as it is non-violent.. An intifada though is violent, that is the whole idea with it.. We’re not talking demonstrations here, we’re talking hardcore rebellion, something that will only end up worsen the whole situation between Jews and Palestinians in Israel-Palestine.. Nevertheless, some “peace-loving” people wish for exactly this.. Why? As said, they believe that this “is the only solution”.. They might as well say that they see “war” as the only solution, as long as it is not “violent”.. That would be as stupid.. The people making these statements are either lying or naive and ignorant.. I don’t blame them.. They have lost answers on what to do, partly because of lousy politicians who are more focused on obtaining and keeping power, and partly because of their own will to see human beings, even in people they don’t agree with.. It is sad.. I will encourage each and everyone out there, that instead of hoping for war, intifada, more hatred or whatever you wish for, to go out and meet someone you disagree with, buy the person a cup of coffee, and find out where the two of you actually do agree, and make that a base for mutual recognition.. That would be – in my eyes – the correct thing to do a day like this..

Kol Tuv

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