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A new member on Faceshuk


Apparently a group on Faceshuk (which I didn’t knew existed, and still am a bit confused exactly what it is) was established based on my blog.. I’m very proud, it already has two members, me and somebody else.. That almost tops the daily number of viewers in here:o).. Kidding.. No, really.. I have at least five per day.. Per good day.. Anyway, that wasn’t the subject..

And since it’s a group based on my blog, I – obvious – would like to have administration of it too, which I only could get by writing “Faceshuk” somewhere in my title, and post this code: 67d0ee41e3406777c5f82a4077ee432f , somewhere in the post..


So that I’ve done.. Let’s see what happens now:o)


Kol Tuv

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