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The source of everything – A reflection on Bereshit


I have been studying Bereyshit, the account of the creation, pretty intense lately.. Mostly because I got inspired after reading an essay on “the first cause” in Al-Farabi and Maimonides..

Anyway, something that struck me suddenly, is the root of the first word of the Torah, namely בראשית, bereshit, which normally is translated as “in the beginning”..

There are many very interesting commentaries on this word and the meaning of it, and its relation to the rest of the account of the Creation, but i stumbled on the root of the word, ראש, rosh, which means “head”.. Maybe we can get an even deeper understanding out of this, that it is not so much “in the beginning”, but that HaShem, G-D, is the Head of creation, that He is the source of everything.. Of course, Judaism does teach that He is the source of everything (as well as other religions), but the word that says that “in the beginning”, also tells us, that He is the source..

Onkelos translates the word with בקדמון, b’qadmon, in the earliest days, which is the traditional and – probably – also a much more correct translation, than mine.. But maybe we can read the first pasuq as השם הוא הראש, ובימי הקדם הוא ברא את השמים ואת הארץ, G-D is the Head and He created in the earliest days the heavens and the earth, and so understand it as “He, who is the source and root for everything, chose in our earliest day, before anything else in our line of time, to create the heavens and the earth”..


Kol Tuv



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