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The purpose of politics?


A thought I’ve got, from reading up on the ethics of Maimonides (and the various Muslim philosophers, as well as Aristotle), is a though on what the purpose of politics are?

Today, it seems like the purpose is for the politicians to create the most beneficial situation for themselves to get as much power and as many money as possible, something that is contrary to the thoughts of the classical Muslim and Jewish thinkers (I’m here thinking “classical” in terms of Islamic classical civilization), which saw the purpose of politics as an institution, that was supposed to create the best possible terms for man to reach the perfect end, and live his life in accordance to the best “temperaments”.. The discussion, from there, then was about how to reach this end, how to create those terms, and how to live life as it was supposed for, and what it was supposed for..


So the question, for me, is how we went from politics being an institution creating the necessary social conditions for man living in it, to being about the politicians themselves?


Kol tuv

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