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Finkelstein and stupidity


Norman Finkelstein, who is the author of “The Holocaust Industry” sometimes wonders why people have such a big problem with him.. Well, after seeing this clip with him from “Defamation” (from Yoav Shamir, the man behind “Checkpoint”, I begin to understand why..

From the beginning Finkelstein seems to confirm some Antisemitic stereotypes, namely the ones of the Jew as the richest – or as he says: “most successful” – group in the States, and more or less controlling the world, though he express it as “having the world served at a platter”.. I don’t know how to measure “success”, so I’m not sure in which way Finkelstein see Jews as being the “most successful group of the States”, but I have an idea about it..

If only he had stopped there, but no.. He had to go on, talking about the “American Jewry”, which – apparently – was the biggest problem for Israel.. The American Jews are “warmongers”, that’s right, warmongers.. If you’re an American Jew, then you’re a warmonger, according to Finkelstein.. Forget about J-Street, Finkelstein has already decided and defined you as an American Jew.. And not only that, he even thinks that American Jewry is a “curse”.. There you have it, from the mouth of Professor Norman Finkelstein..

And he continues.. After this lovely portray of American Jews, and a “funny” nazi-salute which “some people laugh of” (yeah, wonder who, Norman), he goes on to tell that comparing Abraham Foxman (the leader of Anti-Defamation League) and Hitler, is an insult to Hitler, since – as Finkelstein says it – Hitler at least didn’t do it for the money (there you have it, Foxman)..


So, if this is his views, how is anybody (except, of course, Hamas, Iran and friends) supposed to take this man serious? Read, for example, the following from the mouth of Professor Finkelstein:

“I don’t care about Hizbullah as a political organization. I don’t know much about their politics, and anyhow, it’s irrelevant. I don’t live in Lebanon.”

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but how can the politics of Hizbullah be irrelevant, if it is about killing Jews? I don’t live in Lebanon either, but I have the rockets of Hizbullah directed at me, and I know that they would love to use them, so sorry to say it, Finkelstein, for me the politics of Hizbullah is rather relevant.. Maybe Finkelstein should have said: “I don’t live in range of the rockets of Hizbullah, so their politics is irrelevant..” Well, they still can reach you..


Anyway, when you hear Finkelstein complaining about Israel not wanting to let him in, you begin to understand it when you know his points of views.. And sorry for choosing not to listen to you in the future, Finkelstein, but a person with these views, doesn’t deserve to be listened to by Jews..


Take care and Shavua tov..

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