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My view on the Reform movement in a nutcase



In my studies of the RaMBaM, I read this quote by Etienne Gilson:

“What he (RaMBaM) wished to remind his contemporaries , was that Judaism is first of all a religion; that a religion is not based upon liberty of thought, but a free acceptance of a certain way of thinking, but that one is not free to repudiate it if one pretends to profess that religion!”


And this is exactly what I have against the Reform (and the Conservative) movement.. That they want to repudiate the religon, and reform it after their lack of commitment, instead of staying true, at least in the spirit, to the religion and tradition, that has kept our people in existence for millennium..

And that is exactly why I always will refute any claim from these to movements to represent Judaism..

Thanks to Eitenne Gilson to make it so clear, and thanks to the RaMBaM for reminding his contemporaries (and us today) about this simple fact..


Kol Tuv


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