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Making it a habit

Okay, so basically the whole idea about having a blog, is to write, but write isn’t what I’m doing.. The basic thing is that I feel, that I have to have something REALLY essential and interesting to tell about, and I don’t always feel I have that, so what to do?

Well, encouraged by other bloggers, I’ll try to just share what is going on, finding a subject and focus on that, and then add whatever comes to my mind.. So here is what I’m focused on (or at least should be, more than I already am of various reasons): My BA project.. Or to be more specific, haRaMBaM (more popular known in the West as Maimonides, and as Abu ‘Imran Musa ibn Maymun ibn ‘Ubaidallah al-Qurtubi al-Israeli in the Muslim world) and his view on ethics, law and leadership..

So, as a starter, let me introduce you to haRaMBaM:

He was born in Spain 1135 and died in Egypt in 1204.

He is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Jewish philosophers, but was also one of the greatest halachists (definers of Jewish religious jurisprudence), and wrote great works on both subjects, most known the More Nevuchim (Guide for the Perplexed, which is philosophy) and the Mishneh Torah (which is an attempt to derive all the laws found in the Torah, with all the definitions and explanations of them). Besides the two, he wrote several great and important works, Sefer Mitzvot, Iggeret Teyman, The Eight Chapters and other letters and works, which I probably will mention in the time to come..

He lived in a time that wasn’t very easy for the Jews, originally born in Cordoba, but had to flee to Fez because of Muslim fanatics, and soon from Fez to Eretz Yisrael and from there till Egypt, where he lived the rest of his life. Originally the family lived from trade with precious stones, which his brother, David, transported from Asia to Europe, but after a tragic catastrophe where David died, haRaMBaM began to study physics, which he also wrote some few works on, where after got employed as a physicians for one of Salah ad-Din’s (popular known as Saladin) ministers, and eventually also worked as a physician for Salah ad-Din. And not only that, but he was also appointed as “Ras al-Yahoud”, head of the Jews, or in Hebrew; Nagid.

He got one child with his wife, his son Avraham ben Moshe, who took over as Nagid and who is also known for some philosophical  works, most famous the Sefer Milhamot HaShem (the Book about the Wars of G-D) or the Kitab Kifayah al-‘Abidin, which shows influence by Sufism.

There are many things and subjects, that can be focused on, when it comes the haRaMBaM, but as I’ve already stated, my focus is on his views on ethics, law and leadership, so I’m not going into (or at least not a lot) on other subjects, as for example the criticism of his Mishneh Torah. Maybe that can be in the future.

Hope you all will find it interesting and that you will share your thoughts and knowledge with me:o)

Kol tuv!

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