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HaMoshiah, deserved or needed?



So, since Moshiah will come, either when we deserve him or when we need him, and it seems like we don’t make us selves very deserving of his coming (may it happen speedily in our days, IY”H), then what can we expect before he will come?


HaRaMBaM (Z”L) thought that his time was just before the coming of HaMoshiah.. Clearly it wasn’t.. Some people today thinks that the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Z”L) was or could have been HaMoshiah.. So the faith that HaMoshiah is close, has been existing for many years, always proven to be in vain.. We must believe in his coming though, at is stated by one of the thirteen principles, formulated by HaRaMBaM (Z”L)..


But still.. Expecting leaves us with the two mentioned options: deserving or needing? If he comes in our days, it will be the last, needing him.. And based on what we, as a People, have already been going through, it will get much worse before he will come.. Not even haShoah brought him, so imagine what it will take, before we can say that we need him.. According to some Jewish sources, there will be a difference in what will happen, based on whether we deserve him or whether we need him.. This is Gog U’Magog.. If we deserve him, then we will go straight to the kingdom of peace, if we need him, then we have to experience Gog U’Magog before we get there.. This is a war, that will be worse than anything we ever seen before.. Even World War II..


My question is.. What do we want? To make us deserved? Or to end in a situation where we need him, a situation where even the Shoah will seem easy?


May He open our hearts to His Torah and fasten us to His Mitzvot..

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