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“Why I’m an anti-extremist”

Most people would probably say, that they’re against extremism.. The problem just being, that there probably are various understandings of this term “extremism”.. I don’t know how many only understand extremism as something related to Muslims or Islams, but that’s the context I experience most often.. On a second place comes the context of settlers and right wing people in Israel.. And the right and left wing in general..

So, here’s what I understand as being “extremist”: An extremist is a person, who – obvious – goes to extreme measures to promote his ideas or to reach his goal.. Extreme measures as – for example – in ignoring facts that goes against his ideas or goals.. Here’s an example of what I think is being extremist: A person who thinks that all Arabs in Israel should be removed from Israel, which also – in his view – include the Yehudah, Shom’ron and ‘Aza.. His reason? Well, “This land belongs to the Jews!” or “There lived no people there, when the Jews came!”.. Ask him where the Palestinians then came from, and he will answer that they came from all the other Arab nations around Israel, just waiting to take advantage of Jews making the land fertile enough for them.. No one lived there before the Jews came, and we should ignore any evidence that goes against this “fact”.. And about the “belonging to the Jews!”? Well, it says so in Torah, so hence it must be true, right? Sure, being a religious Jew, believing that the Torah was given by HaShem, I tend to agree with him, that the land, which would be Eretz Yisrael, not Medinat Yisrael, was promised for ‘Am Yisrael.. But what about the rest of it? This isn’t the only thing the Torah tells us, but this guy – the extremist – doesn’t care much about that, especially not the ones living the great secular life, being more traditional than anything else.. He might wear a kippah, but what about the Tzitzit? Sure, there are religious extremists, who also choose to ignore certain things in Torah, especially the thing about letting the stranger live in the country, as long as he accepts that Torah is the law of the land.. Which, I’m sorry to say, Torah isn’t Israel.. Sure, there are some Halachah incorporated in Israeli law, but that’s it.. And most of the time, the Israeli law pressures socalled “halachah” to accept unhalachic things, such as forcing a rabbinic court to deem a questionable restaurant run by Christian Jews (Has w’Halilah) “kosher”, though it can’t be proven that they really are kosher..

Extremist is also the person, who tells you to “shut up”, when you get enough of the racists quotes from various people in Israel, because you haven’t served in Tzahal and have lived at least ten years in Israel.. I don’t know if I want to, if that makes me racist too, sorry.. I don’t feel a great need to hate, actually, I try not to hate and stay objective.. What in the world am I supposed to tell my Israeli Arab friend, who doesn’t have any troubles living in Israel, but can be suspected of wanting to kill all Israelis, just because he’s an Arab? Hey, Habibi, you’re a terrorist, sorry, but you’re Arab so that’s just the way you are, hevanta?

Extremist is also the religious Jew, who calls non-religious Jews for “nazi” or “goy”, just because he’s not religious.. Hey, achi, what about show him some Ahavat Yisrael.. Or is this what you call “ahavat Yisrael”? Then I have much more respect for the rabbi, who chooses to live in Tel Aviv, to spread some Torah by opening his doors and spending time with the secular people.. I can tell you, achi, that it works so much more, B”H..

Extremist is certainly also the person, who yells about the rights of the Muslims, while he spits on me, because I’m a Jew.. Or the person who’re trying to excuse the actions of Hamas or Fatah, while condemning all of Israel, without even wanting to understand that part of the conflict.. Why should he, no matter what, Israel is evil, and all supporting Israel are evil, no need to understand.. What, Israel helping in Tahiti? Just another scam by the “Zionist” to try to fool the world..

I’m simply against extremism.. I understand people have their opinions, but don’t take it to the extreme, please.. To do that is, well, to be too extreme..

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  1. nira Eisenstadt says:

    I enjoyed reading this one.

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