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Rabbis for Human Rights

Rabbis for Human Rights.


I ran into this organisation on another blog..


Any thoughts?




  1. Uri says:

    Silly video if you ask me. Peace is one thing, but friendship?. The differences between Jews and Arabs as a whole are too large to reconcile. We’ve had peace with Egypt and Jordan for a number of years, but are we friends? I think we should strive for peace, but let’s not go overboard with the mushy songs and hugging of “friends”. Let’s not forget that a majority of Palestinians voted for a terrorist organization who’s main goal is to murder each and every last Jew.

  2. qolyehudi says:

    I know you’re thinking about another post:o)..

    It’s not the video itself, that is central here – there’s part of the video I disagree with too, but the overall wish for better relations I do support – but the reactions I got, when I posted the video..

    We don’t get peace, as long as we keep a hostile attitude to each other, and yes, we can sit and argue that the other part hates us more than we hate them, and who is to blame and so on.. But that still doesn’t relieve us from our own responsibility to improve the situation, and I don’t think that we will even get peace, as long as we nurse the hatred between us, whether it’s us hating them or the other way around..

    And I do believe, that we as religious Jews (those of us who’re religious), have a plight to remember love for all.. And that doesn’t mean that I think, that we should let us selves kill or refrain from defending ourselves, but that to accept that even our enemies are humans, and have a right to be viewed as such..

    Just as I don’t want to be put in the same box as Netura Karta (or even Likud, since I’m not a Likudniq), I don’t think that all Palestinians want to be put in the same box with Hamas..

    I have linked to an interview with a Palestinian, who talks about why Hamas was elected, and even though a majority voted for them, it doesn’t mean that it’s because of Israel or that all sympathize with them..

    Kol tuv..

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